Hot-weather Cooling Hat

Contact: Denis V. Kazakov,

An article for electronics cooling magazine


Thermoelectric cooling hat for hot weather. The first product to be launched will be battery-powered. The next step will be to use solar energy.


The product can be used by anybody who has to stay outside in hot weather. Most people on this planet live in hot climates. In fact, it is easier to name countries with cold climates and their populations is relatively smaller (e.g. India vs. Norway).

Advantages over existing products

There are evaporative cooling hats on the market. They work well in dry climates but not so well in humid environments. You can also have better uses for water in a desert than evaporating it from your hat. There are designs of thermoelectric cooling hats with cold metal strips placed in direct contact with the wearer’s forehead. It feels nice in hot weather to have something cold touching your forehead but contact with small area will not result in significant cooling or, if the cooling surface is very cold, may be bad for the wearer’s health. Different people have different hairs (or none) so it is not possible to design a universal contact device.

The new cooling hat aims to create favorable environment under the hat and thus prevent overheating and make the wearer’s life more comfortable.


Patent pending. The first tests provided encouraging results. Working on a prototype.

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